【Portland Vlog Day 1】🦀Seafood brunch | 👩🏻‍🎨Alberta Art District | 🦆French duck


this is my first time not traveling soloand likewise the first time I’m actually vlogging in English so forgive myslightly offbeatCantonese trounce British accent let’s see how that goes now weare. Pinterest interns: Josh and Charlie okay we are boarding nowsee you in Portland Good morning Portland! so here we are atthe Broughton Beach Park and this is Columbia River is actually too theborder of Oregon so if you cross the riverit becomes Washington State the reason we are here is because we are going toget brunch in a really fancy place that Josh hinted and now he is Fraser here we areso my Charlie is back Josh indicated we should get the $ 10 unlimited champagnewe’re gonna do it Ah I am so full about you it’s so goodwell yeah I can’t eat anything else so we all agree this region is worthwhile eventhough it’s a little on the pricey place but kill me on Saturday or Sundayfor the brunch. So good.Is that our Lyft? and our Lyft is here too there’s so many things to see as cafesshops records dolls keepsakes knack patronizes thrift shops and of course a lot of coolstreet artwork as you can see it this is probably by favorite importantlook at color look at the darknes the floor area is probably done after2 010 precisely because that pastel wording the trends coming up hope at that timebecause of a flat blueprint look at the the text on the reflect it also says you areconfined merely by the walls that you feel yourself a great deal of thinking go into itlove it check it out operation accomplished so this is designand constituted in Portland local concession and as a designer you know is getting harderand harder to design like a child and it’s just the artwork is great butbrings back a lot of childhood memory nice work yeah this consider really “ve got a lot” ofthings going on a lot of hangout distinguishes outdoor sitting boss restaurants shopsand of course murals after murals after the murals and the funny thing isthere’s also many many stickers stickers and stickers there’s if you likestickers and likewise mirrors party hipster designing nonsense this is definitely theplace to check out so we’ve finished the alberta artdistrict and we went back to the hotel, made a little nap watched some YouTube videos and now we are at this French diner therefore recommends one of ourPinterest friends.Since the logo of the restaurant is a duck, I got it: this is a fried duck meal and this one is called a duck stack Josh succession it andCharlie over here got a steak tartare. Quite a small plate to be honest are you happywith that No I am not happy lololol good place to go for a duck French placewhat do you think about a paw Josh I liked it it was rich and reverie Charlie? Mine was lean and flavorful I don’t know what you’re doing behind but that’s itfor today stand adjusted for day 2 don’t forget to comment down below likesubscribe share.See you later! Tschuss !.

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