Guide to Oregon Part 1: Portland Victory


Do you think drinking so much coffee has helpedyou grow your business? Grow my beard. And your whisker? Yeah, if it wasn’t forcoffee, my beard would be aslong as it is today. I suppose mine isgrowing too. I scraped this morning. Wow! That’s amazing. So, by tonight, I’ll look like this? Yeah, the Lord worksin mysterious practices. My name is Gabi Chai. I’m a fishmonger from NewEngland and I recently moved to Portland, Oregonwhich is a mecca of high quality freaks, artistand more importantly, a bustling andthriving nutrient background. I invite you to come withme on my expedition through my brand-new nation of Oregon. To knowledge and taste every flavor thatthis lieu has to offer. I’m starting off myadventure with some of Portland’s mostinnovative cooks and restaurateurs.These are thetastemakers that have kept Portland on the mapas one of the best places to dine anddrink in the country. When it comes tocoffee in Portland , nothing overpowers Stumptown. We’re here atthe original spot on Southeast Division Street where the empirewas started. I’m here to meetwith Duane Sorenson, the creator of Stumptowncoffee, to find out how his has businessblossomed and how his success is a way that hehonors Portland’s roots. I just got back yesterday from EthiopiaWow! Wanna try someof that coffee? Yes.Let’s do it.Take a hint of that. Nice? Delicious, yes. A immense brainchild whenI started Stumptown is to have a relationshipwith the chocolate farmers across the world, understand what theirchallenges are. So I can paythem payments so they can treat theircoffee pickers in a way that, it couldbe sustainable. You gotta get down, yougotta fill, gotta hug, gotta communicate.We merely celebrated our1 5 year remembrance. I started it Novemberfirst of 1999. Did you partylike it was 1999? I’m still partyinglike it’s 1999. Heartens to that. Amazing. Yeah thanks. That’s good! Why did you nameit Stumptown? Coming up with a epithet forthe company was the hardest thingI’ve probably ever done. But Stumptownis the the specify of Portland isn’t it? Stumptown’s the name ofPortland so it was easy. That’s why I namedit Stumptown. I’m actually gettinghot from this coffee, I gotta take off a coating. Whoa.I’m sorry I feel like this coffee isstarting to really. Is starting to work? Yeah, did you know thatyou were doing a new thing with chocolate? Or were you justdoing your own thing? I was just doingmy own thing. You know, beings said I was crazy. They were like Portlanddoesn’t need more coffee. They don’t need anothercoffee roaster. Naysayers. But I did it. You did it.And I’m still make it. I’m so proud of you. I’m proud. You can say it, of yourself. I’m proud. I love you.Oh. You should try cool drip. Being a lover ofGuinness beer and being a lover oficed chocolate and coldbrewed coffee, I contacted out to a lot of brewer friends ofmine and was like, hey is it possible toput coffee on nitro? They were like, yeah, let’s give it a shot. So fingers were crossedand look what happened. It exactly. That glances exactlylike Guinness. The spice, themouthfill, is so clean, so smooth. Oh my God. Mmhm. So good. You know what Ido sometimes? Put ice cream in it. Oh my gosh. Yes, oh my gosh. I love you. I desire the east side ofPortland, well I cherish all of Portland but you know, I started Stumptown on the eastern side, southeast discord, and every street that you goover a major street it’s like it’s a littlevillage and community. I wanted to give back tothe neighborhood that helped me buildStumptown, so, I’ve opened upsome eateries that.Right now on Division? Right now on Division. Right next door. Oh, this placeis your place? Well, yeah, that’s my place. Wanna extend see it? Yes! Let’s go see it! Okay! All privilege. All freedom! Let’s eat seafood! Welcome tothe Woodsman Tavern. Thank you.Yea, all your dreams are goingto come true now. See, I waited foryou to sit down. You are such a gentleman. Nice? Yea, it was nice. Woodsman, Stumptown, both log references. I didn’t even think about that untilyou mentioned it. Who is the woodsman? I’m the woodsman. I was preparing you up forthat one. Yea, I stumbled it out ofthe park, didn’t I? Yeah, you did good. How many employeesdo you have now? A million. Really? No, I’m , no. Hey, thanks man. Yeah, of course. Holy macro! Holy molly! This has mussels, Oregonshrimp, dungy fretfuls. Oysters. You have to literallystand up like a beast to eat something like this. Mmhm, I feellike King Kong. This is me though. Try the mussels. Okay. They’re inhaled. Oh that’s good. All privilege that was nice. Now you go.This is an awesomeseafood thing. I’m definitelycoming back. Do you hang outhere a lot? All the time. Really? Uhhuh. So people cancome in here and get your autograph? Yeah, wholly. Really, this hasbeen awesome Duane. My pleasure. Food trucks have existedthroughout our country for many years in theform of hotdog stands, taco trucks, shawarmas, trash like that. But here in Portland, things are different. Vendors incessantly pushthe boundaries when it comes to creativity andingenuity. In their foods. I’m from the East Coast. I’ve never seenanything like it. One. Yes. So, only chicken andrice? Yes, it’s commonwhere I come back here. You do one dish, butyou do it like, serious. Chinese like, secretof like, generations.The food is common, butthis is my version. Do you eat it often? I eat it forfive years previously. Thank you. So I’m just gonna go forit. Oh my god, this is so good. That is consolation menu, at it’s best. It’s ginger, garlic. The chicken is like, cooked to perfection. It’s super tender. In Portland you can’thave any prejudgements about the place thatyour food is coming from, because this comesfrom a street go-cart. It’s like, better thanwhat you could get in a sitdown restaurant.I mean it’s just perfect. You are my hero! I would desire it if youguys would build me a patronage crepe. Oh yah, of course. All right, well I justate a ton of chicken so something dessert Pecans? You have a sweet back? Yeah. Yeah.I’m on the sweet slope. We can do that.See when I moved here it wasn’t a thing. It was just their foodcarts and there for downtown. It’s gotten toa item now where you got something actually, really gone you justdon’t get any attention. So beings are steppingup their activity? Yeah, utterly. Using good purveyors, working good cause. And then doing one thingreally, really well. Like naan. Mm. Delicious.There you go. So this isa special crepe that he made for me. Nutella, chocolate, strawberry. A little bit of rum. And of course, the mostimportant ingredient which isthe crepe itself.What stands out the mostto me is the texture of the crepe, it’s chewy butcrispy, and it’s not very glowing. Mm. Crepes, in general, prompt me of dwelling, because my mommy use tomake us crepes for breakfast whenI was little. Come here, give me a hug creeper. It’s amazing how the foodcart scene now has promoted street meat to anew elevation of legitimacy. In much the same way, Chef Gabriel Rucker, the owner of Le PigeonRestaurant shakes things up by establishing classicdishes with unexpected ingredients, likeawful or dove legs.When the James GearFoundation appointed him the best youngchef in the US, menu militants startedflocking to Portland. Tonight I getto join him for a home cooked mealwith his family and friends inSoutheast Portland. We’re here at the largestAsian market in the state of Oregon. Gabrielle is going toselect from a wide variety of ingredientsto attain tonight’s menu. This is where I start mymornings a great deal of terms in the week. So, I thought we wouldjust kinda browse, and come up with somethingfun to make.Okay. Le Pigeon started outwith lots of like, offal. These aren’tthe expensive comfort trimmed. It’s, it’s like the realpeople’s menu in here. Can we get five squid? The ones in the back. Too pink. I’m really squeamish. You’re, yeah, I was gonna say, you’re. Because I’ma fish monger. No , no, down, yes, yes. Yeah, that. And the one next to it. That’s fine. Thanks male. Does that watch good? I shouldn’t say this, but like when I’m justkinda cooking at home, I’m not like, a crazy picky party. Thank you. Who knows if we’lluse all this trash, but we’ll sure give itthe age-old college try. Okay, what is this? I don’t know, that’s the amusing, you are well aware? Yeah.I like your style.Chile shrimp sauce. Look at all thoselittle shrimps. That’s a good sign. I think it is. Oh, this is one ofmy favorite aisles. It’s got like all of thelike, just nasty shit. Like, look at this. That looks appalling. Right? Yeah. Okay. We got a lot and if it didn’t get it, then we didn’t. And if it wreaks then welook like geniuses and if it doesn’t, then everyone. And we’ll knowthat I’ve been uncovered as a total bogu. I’m gonna are you, sinceyou’re a fishmonger, clean-living those squid atmy house too, okay? Oh , no problem, yeah. Sweet. Hello, this is Gabby. Hey how “are you doin “? Oh, thank you. This is Hanna, my bride. Yvette, two daughters. Elise and Ansel. Oh, and that’s Gus. Are you balk? This is where the magichappens in the house. While you’re cleaning thesquid, what I’m going to do is build that sausagethat we’re going to stuff inside the squid sothat our projections can come together and thenwe’ll deep fry that shit.Amazing. There’s a lot of stuffin these squids. I bet that you could dosomething with that. No thanks, I’m good. Watch out little child. Look at this. I’m gonna putyou in there. Raise the baby. Yeah. Gabriel, when didyou open Le Pigeon. 2006, when wefirst started. Portland itself, you know, was a littlebit more rough. Edgy as far asthe cuisine is concerned. The food was definitelyless refined. And then , opening upa sister restaurant. Opening up Little Birdwhich is a little bit more rougharound the edges, bistro mode neighbourhood. Has opened the door forLe Pigeon to then, refine itself. And, we are today offerthe tasting menu, which my daughter’shaving right now. It consists of justa lime and, that’s $ 75. But, we stilloffer Ala carte. So you are eligible to have someoneordering a seven course 18 menu with reservewine pairings set at the bar nextto two dudes that are stoned out of theirmind having burgers.That’s what shapes theRestaurant immense is that it, it, everyone feelswel, welcome there. We get ourground pork and we’re gonna stuffthem in and we’re gonna braise themin those two bad sauces with white wine. And garlic and stuff. Yeah, get it on, there “theres going”. One of the delightful thingsabout this city is that, we all reallylike each other. I like placesopening up near me, I don’t mindcompetition with them. Right. I feel like we’re peers, and that’s really a niceblessing to have. Entirely. Oh, crap. What the inferno? This substance is the new nastiest thingI’ve ever worked with.I’m gonna check my fridgeto make sure there’s nothing missing, Oh, what’s this? Yeah? Some mango. Mm. We’re about to get realnasty with the fryer. Doesn’t look bad, does it? I think that this isprobably going to be the most impressive thingI’ve eat since I’ve gotten here. Alright.Is it ready? Yep.Looks pretty good man. I approximate I’ll eat it. So what do wehave on the menu? Gaby’s Clean Squidstuffed with, citrus pork sausage, Dijon coconut cream sauceand our Asian fin herbs. Not unusually fried ricecooked in pig’s feet with pork cuts, babe camo fish withmushrooms and pineapple.What did you call it? Horse grass. Horse grass on beansWith shrimp paste and green with Kraftlowfat sesame garmenting. Are you hungry? Do you crave some squid? Yucky. Give it to her. Man. Thank you so much better. Oh, yeah. Mm.All claim, cheers. Cheers.To your health. Yum. For you health. Do you like the squid, Jill? No? Mm, that’s okay. I make, this is just soflavorful. Every single thingis different. But, it jibes. I couldn’t. I entail, the friedrice is so good.Yeah.It’s so good. Halffried rice. It’s kind ofmy specialty. Oh yeah. I am happy. You know what? I just want tothank you so much better from the bottomof my nerve. I am so grateful to be invitedinto your dwelling and. This was truly a behindthe representations look at your cuisine, and I couldnot is most grateful. Thank you, I had a blast. Awesome.It was fun hanging out with you guys and makingstuff that we’ve never offset before andgetting to eat it.I’m a little bitstarstruck right now. Gabriel Rucker and hisfamily are some of the, least snobbish peopleI have ever met and that dinner was soclassy and that’s what it’s allabout here in Portland. I really eat like a fuckingpig all day long. I get to see hot chickstake off their drapes. Simply in Portland are yougoing to find a vegan strip society. The vegan food, it definitelycultivates neat booty. Best bone marrowI’ve ever had. Mm. Bone marrow and smoked. It’s cherry-red ice cream. Dare I say thisis the best ice cream I’ve ever had? Here we go! After you ridea child’s bike down an enormous hill, this is exactly the typeof food you want to eat.

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