Where We Live: 100 Things to do in Portland before you die

here in Portland we have a lot to be proud of and we’re not shy about telling people all about it well get this a local PR exec has actually come up with the 100 things to do in Portland before you die can body sat down with the Portland author and Smith for this week’s where we live there is no place like home especially if your home is Portland Oregon from smelling the roses at the Rose Garden to having a Spanish coffee at Huber’s Portland’s oldest bar – taking a taste in Oregon wine country there are lots of things that make Portland unique many of which are in this love affair of a book 100 things to do in Portland Oregon before you die I would say coming up with them wasn’t that hard it was probably a matter of even paring it down that was difficult Portland PR executive Anne Smith wrote the book along with co-author Allison Simon’s some of the 100 are no-brainers like sampling Portland’s countless craft beers are taking in a blazer game at the motor center I’ve done about half of what’s in here so there’s a lot more that I still need to do even having been a Portland resident for as long as I have so hopefully it spurs people forward to do a few of those new things that they haven’t yet had the opportunity to you will see quite a few food mentions Smith loves the Portland food scene the second edition also has updates on events like the Eagle Creek fire affecting hikes in the gorge and as Portland deals with more traffic and the homeless problem Smith says she’s not surprised that people still move here despite its challenges definitely it doesn’t change Portland being an amazing place to live and work and you know get to experience fun things and all of those certainly outshine any of the negative so it’s always a good time to cross a few more items off your 100 list ken body KOIN 6 news and you can find 100 things on amazon Powell’s online and several other Portland bookstores one of the most interesting things when I moved here is somebody told me you’re either gonna start with like a lot of the food in the drink in town or you’re gonna start with some of the more outdoorsy things my husband and I definitely knocked out the food and drink yeah first first couple years and now we’re really into the hiking no you’re working it all right yeah and I think taking a child or grandchild two Oaks Park amusement park which is one of the oldest amusement parks in the entire country is really something I think that’s one little gem that we have here in the city

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