TOP 3 SECRET Neighborhoods That have NOT Been Discovered in Portland Oregon


hey you want to know the threesneakiest best places not only in the Portland metro but all of them righthere in Northeast Portland well today we are touring some of the mostupandcoming and greatest vicinities in the Portland metro so stand aria what’s up everybody this is Jackson RaeWilkie I’m Jesse ray Dowell and we are the real agent now radical right here inthe Portland metro if this is your first time to this channel we do tons and tonsof videos about everything you need to know use snacking sleeping livingplaying and Northeast Portland sneaky places if you want to know moremake sure you tap that subscribe button clink the little Bell so you’re notifiedevery time we do a new video we are literally getting dozens of phone callsemails texts every single month and we absolutely love it if you’re eventhinking about moving relocating anywhere in the Portland metro make sureyou throw us a label shoot us a textbook send us an email or even mail that pigeoncarrier however you want to get a hold of us we got your back when moving tothe Portland metro all right Jay Dow where are we at right now and why isthis area so hoppin we’re sittin right sitting there at the base of theelliott and boise places the reason that these areas are so hot isbecause they are extremely close to downtown Portland they’re extremelyclose to Northeast Alberta skills Fremont but this is a very very hotbed for allthese brand-new upandcoming restaurants like unit like Life of Pi you got situates likebox social you got feed but as far as grocery shopping vanishes you got one ofPortland’s crowd favourites brand-new seasons yeah so we really wanted to shoot avideo about such areas all of these residences whether you’re in IrvingtonAlameda Beaumont will Shire Alberta or right here the Boise Elliotneighborhoods they are starting to as you watch right there fully beremodeled beings are buying these houses left and right this is one of thefunnest areas to be I convey where else can you have one of the most beautifulparks this is Dawson Park my son is over there somewhere and then right down thestreet all of these shops restaurants bars newseasons everything it was necessary to and parties are biking like crazy as you can see soriding bikes ambling all of your transportation busesliterally Minister downtown you get to enjoy all of the entire northeast andthat’s what people compassion so today we’ll be discussing three of literally themost upandcoming and deceitful neighborhoods in Portland Oregon whoonow I gotta note my lad hey we’re big kids so now we’re gonnaget into it Jesse um we are right now on the Boise Elliot neighborhood what arethe other two we’re gonna receive so we’re gonna go for we’re gonna do stealthy savenand the last one we’re gonna go to is the sneakiest neighborhood of the mallAlameda Saban right along the Alameda Ridge it’s incredible beautifulturnofthecentury homes with views of the Willamette River the CascadeMountain Range in downtown Portland you can’t miss it we got to see this house in person soyou can’t quite see it but literally Jesse’s parked there I hopped out andand simply elapsed these residences accomplish looks of downtown Portland so this isyou’re just not gonna know any places like this with basicallymansions historic trees this tree has a plaque on it it’s a Portland heritagetree so they label those all over the place and really kind of signify thehistory of these areas so we’ll get back in male this is beautiful everything isblooming this neighborhood is so nonviolent and there are beings outwalking and enjoying life everywhere all right realize more of these graces did youlike that live ground devour your lunch it’s like 9:30 in the morning boysdigging into that lunch boy so Alameda comes from Street line treeis kind of like a Parkway in the u.s.Term so that’s really what you’re gonnasee right here in this neighborhood it was actually established in 1859 andthen in 1909 a company bought the buy the region annexed it out to the city ofPortland and appointed the Alameda Park subdivision and that’s really whatstarted all of these turnofthecentury homes all these homes are huge massivethey have beautiful opinions of downtown Portland the Willamette River and theCascade Mountains as you know or may not know these mansions that were actuallyhome to contemporaries of homes that’s why they’re so massive you know startingin the you know eight hundred square paws up into the multi thousand squarefoot range but as day has progressed a good deal of the people that want to live inthese neighborhoods have altogether restore these dwellings to the beautifularchitecture that it once was however there are still people that have livedin these vicinities are 50 60 and 70 years so therefore you know they’re ofthe retired senility and they’re probably most likely gonna sell their home a lotof these residences you picture are the original owner or secondgeneration owner so inAlameda you have amazing academies you have Alameda Elementary you haveMadeline junior high and you have Grant High School which are all rankedextremely high some of these neighborhoods though however fall intothe Sabin Elementary School District which you might notice are a little bitlesson in the rankings nonetheless I would strongly note that the reason that is isbecause a lot of these places have been gentrified over the course ofthe years and some of these beings who lives in these lives have lived heresince the 1950 s so there are some tax abatement places real estate thetaxes out like say 1,000 or $800 a year and that’s the reason why is becausethese parties really couldn’t open to continue living in the neighborhoods asthe tax rates lift so that’s why you might attend the school number drop alittle bit is because of the income of the neighborhood okay so as one of thesneakiest places in Portland Oregon that’s why we came up herebecause you’re finding literally some of the most gorgeous houses you’re gonnafind it’s good for any age and we’re experience actually as we drive there arepeople extending and plodding gait children puppies all over the place and that SabanElementary we actually went by it inspected I got three kids I would die to go to aschool like that you got Whole Foods right down thestreet you got all these accumulations you have ballparks everywhere big sidewalks look atboth sides their sidewalks genuinely wide streets and that clas examinations stunning ithas a garden in it it’s got gigantic considered basketball courts and play equipmentlook I’m telling you right now because those digits are a little bit low-grade doesnot mean it’s a bad academy these places are incredible superSneaky you can’t relatively see it I wish you could we’re trying to get the drone inthe breeze but it ain’t fairly driving but that is all judgments of downtown Portlandand that’s what I see here is a knot of bigger lives multigeneration and whatthey did is they built these residences up on these buttons so that “youve had” thesebeautiful positions of downtown Portland and the one large-hearted thing you’re going to noticehere is every single house everybody here is taking care of their lawns theirmanicure lots of lawn maintenance service as we talk about that right nowso beautiful blooms the trees are starting to blossom smell that it’s justbeautiful right now so right there was a Lucca Italianrestaurant it’s an amazing Italian recognize over here in Northeast one time I was inthere whoa but the great mozzarellawe’re so Italian most segment Italian about me is my mariokart talents but I I was inthere we’re just leaving like the Alameda Beaumont area and we’re goingnow we’re yeah now we’re heading uh we’re heading to the West we’re headingright through Saban is on the right and to the left is over Irving ttan so thisis kind of like spate saving and Irvington air hitherto what’s up with savingman why we’re gonna talk about it we’re gonna talk about it because I think it’san astonishing neighbourhood that’s right in between Irving ttan and Alberta Arts and Alamedayou can get a great great blow for your horse there’s a lot of residence in therethat are you know they’re launching me a lot tighter they’re gonna be a littlebit smaller but the price down there is really great and actually like an ERmeetin they protect the historical district so there’s a lot of like hoopsand substance get the jump through if we’re gonna do some remodeling and whatnot butcheck this out right here on Fremont you got a nice little strip mall and it’sgot your whole Whole Foods baby everybody wants that this is a superhighly desirable area I’m actually meeting a good deal of for sale indicates too soit’s tough moving and saving there’s always a lot of rooms for sale Iwouldn’t say a ton for sale but I would say certainly more than the otherNortheast neighborhoods and the reason why is because this isn’t like what Iwould say is a starter neighborhood yeah dude you got to check out this freakingkiller a to you over here it looks like a tree home when we pulled up but it’sa it’s actually an Adu and it looks like they just built an extension off of thislet’s go look at it I’ll tell you what I believed they did we all getting out we are your eyes earsand feet to the ground beings miss originated was I think this wasa bear principle I think they’d build this scrawny when Icall a sliver home which is like generally a singlewide townhouse style home butthen they did this like angular off of it and set a ATU on there or it couldeven be a duplex I’m not really sure but if I was a gambling worker I would say it’sa Adu especially in this neighborhood because there’s a lot of highlydesirable sits for parties to lease because there’s a tons of walkabilityover here so and the one thing I would HIGHLY observe is that we are really reallyclose to some of the most important infirmaries like you got legacy Emmanuel simply a fewblocks apart you got Portland Providence a few blocksaway and you got a Hsu which is about two miles away but you have downtownPortland is literally about 15 blocks to the west and then if you look rightacross the street right here there’s all this brandnew construction you knowthese houses right here probably going for you know $ 7.99 eight to nine hundredthousand dollars so eight to nine hundred thousand but they’re gonna behuge they’re gonna have garages they’re gonnabe beautiful they’re most likely they’re gonna have all built into ad use on theground floor which is really what everyone is looking for and you know onething I will note is that a lot of people actually don’t even mis the aduse for income generating roles they actually want to because they have ananny they have a inlaw or there’s structure them formultigenerational or adult senility minors out still about residence so these are greatoptions for lots of beings that are looking for that multigenerationalstyle living established this on every region this streetname stomped into the concrete epoch so like you said you know eight hundredforty thousand right here in the nextdoor 407,000 so with a lot ofdiversity we just did a video on square footage and that’s gonna answer why youknow square footage and premium is different but this is so cool right herethis is perfect if it starter residence you and you know a significant other maybejust one minor something like that but smaller pedigree immense starter home righthere hey dude do you guys want to go in now 660 square hoof house for four hundredtwenty nine thousand dollars for all you beings out there that talk about ourprice per square hoof this one’s gonna be skyhigh nice open kitchen you got forcountertops soft invests lockers highefficiency electric stove you got areally nice stainless steel appliances nearly full stature the cabs which issuper cool engineered hardwood floors you got a ductless HVAC system which isreally gonna give you that neat key in air conditioning probably only need oneunit for this full house come back here you have your washer and dryer set up second bedroom but you do have likethese neat closet organizers right here so they didn’t skip on anything in thishouse so the reason that this is actually actually worthwhile over here isbecause right in Northeast Portland you know you have people that are looking inthat $400,000 straddle and there’s really it’s really hard to find something thatdoesn’t need updated so if you are wanting to move over here for thewalkability you demand something that’s brand new this is gonna be your residence itis 660 square foot it’s extremely a efficient home so as you can see you’reonly gonna use the space that you’re here for so you’re one of those peoplethat love to you know travel you know use your home as an Airbnb while you’regone you know there’s lots of different options of what this house could bebeneficial for or if you just like to live in a small house that’s close toeverything all right so this finishes up and folds up the saving neighborhoodwhere we going to next williams avenue where all the actions that you got newseason do you guys aim you got like a pasty pizza the listing goes on and on to getit and let’s go interpret killer neighborhood dude this is fun whoo this house herehas a whale tree with a rope swing in it super minor friendly that’s what we’reseeing a good deal of you are well aware houses moving there’s teenagers everywhere in now so yeah you got condos right over herebrandnew resale you got mansions right here yet ones being remodeled you gotinfill all sorts of different type of living but you know tolls are gonnarange anywhere from the you are well aware low five hundred thousand dollars up intothe multimillion dollar range so it certainly depends what your lifestyle isand what you’re searching out for all right so those are just three of thesneakiest neighborhoods here in the Portland metro but if Northeast ain’tyour thing then we’re gonna find those deceitful places in southeastNorthwest Southwest wherever you want to be but that’s what we’re here to do andthe Bulldogs gonna hunt your excellent location out so in order to do that yougot to reach out to it they gotta give us a announce shoot us a text send us anemail or even mail that to agent carrier nonetheless you want to get ahold of us wegot your back and moving to the Portland metro in until our next videowhat serviceman we’ll catch you later

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