Putting Weird Things In A Coffee Maker (TEST)


what happens when you threw hot sauce in a coffee maker let’s talk about that[ Music] good mythical morning it is back to mythicality week in honour of that we want to bring back a recent supporter favorite segment a duet months ago we decided to take an regular irrigate filter and leant things inside of it that were not water time to see what would happen no no no carbonation that’s the do that’s the do bro bro that’s just the dude yeah we did the do and detected stuff yes and you guys left so many comments recommending other liquids for us to try that we’re going to do a part two to that bout soon so restrain those ideas coming but before we do that we realize that there is an entire world of contraptions just waiting to be experimented with and so today we’re gonna employment another contraption in a way it was never intended to be used you know for scientific and that gadget is a coffee maker it’s time for putting things and things coffee maker edition now we’re not officially recommending that you try any of this yourself because it can ruin a perfectly good coffee maker but as with many things on this testify we make love so you don’t have to read one I’ve always thought the one thing a coffee maker was missing was sizzling meat that’s why we’re gonna change the chocolate soils with fresh beef look at link okay you were talking hamburger meat you want to taste you to confirm that it’s raw and no I can I can look at it until it raw so break it up so we don’t really put one large-scale globule in there you know make it as coffee bean like as possible really small going in there for four hands treating red-hot flesh raw beef the beef and the coffee maker is the best beef okay and also have some salt and pepper because you know why not oh no oh that’s a lot no no mortal that’s gonna okay it’s gonna all be filtered out and then we’re expend the standard agua h2o complete that up there and closing that and yeah activate okay I think it is fully brewed okay it’s just kind of foggy so let’s just take it out and take a look at oh gosh it’s still a little dripping border there is it pink its sly Brown I make is this just precisely fresh flesh liquor is that fresh it’s been cooked I accept has it you believe well let’s look at opening up a look at the flesh oh gosh well there’s still a great deal of all the meat cooks yeah yeah it made a friggin brain amitabh you made a burger how did it all come it all solidified child oh but they’re still rawness is this this where the wrong eat was continued you simply leant it right back into there with the raw meat spaces that’s why there’s fresh meat in now you introduced it right back into the same place well but this isn’t it that’s not surprised this is a byproduct that’s the product red-hot beef sea it’s got a lot of floaties I signify I think it’s just like good broth right well let’s just find out it’s good it’s good man I review I’m just a little upset I think it’s got a pinkish colour which means we’re we’re just munch my time don’t running around I simply don’t know if it’s safe it’s not the most appetizing thing to look at but I think this is great if you’re sick or want to get sick round 2 now we have a crapload of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce their slogan not sponsors of the draft resolution is placed that dollop on anything or everything something like that ain’t pay so I ain’t getting this Logan right but can you kept it through anything including a coffee maker so let’s do the yeah so we’re abusing exactly regular aged coffee sand we’re basically concluding chocolate with hot sauce basically which is smart stupid a little of both who knows let’s find out I’m interested to see if the hot sauce are really work its practice through this cuz it’s a little thicker than water all you represent through the through the veins of the chocolate methane’s precisely well blood is thicker than ocean and so is hot sauce we’ll find out eventually that’s a lot of vapors that’s that’s fume I can reek it this is wrong it’s burning something has become what is it burning it I don’t know it’s a freaking ardour mishap Oh trimmed that off now that is bright orange let’s “ve brought” the glass the question is what’s gonna be the spice sketch between chocolate spice and don’t hurt you’ll hurt your sauce sizzling sauce cuz it searches so orange but there’s little grinds in there you can see him it kind of looks like v8 I can be found in a few chocolate soils hovering in it so that tells me there’s probably gonna be that’s a good even pour adult expressed appreciation for where’d you learn that it’s intuitive but it didn’t deepen the colour of the sizzling sauce it didn’t make it chocolate-brown it’s like red-hot chocolate this is efficiently Oh hot coffee hmm in both appreciations of the word now again you don’t want to burn yourself so go in cautiously hey there’s something please about it the sizzling sauce is dominated you have to listen for it as you savor it just listen for the chocolate there’s a chocolate after to aftertaste yeah yes it’s like I pondered I was feeing hot sauce must have been coffee this may be a good plan to then gave it on hot offstages but to suck it out of a coffee cup there’s not enough of a coffee component for this to be viable it gives your hot sauce a clue of coffee nasai which if you’re into that kind of thing and you and you want to go through a coffee maker okay cuz well but chicken with coffee can’t you cuz we definitely nutrient we we transgress this round three pizza is good hot or cold and so is coffee so in theory replacing coffee feet with Pete that should work in theory let’s put it into practice it’s gonna do some rippity buster ah give me half of this some of this investigate the more the the smaller parts that you induce the more likely it is to infuse I’ve removed a little mo sausage sausage is in there okay and we’re just using regular ocean now biscuit chipping this could alter your morning it genuinely could I have high hopes for pizza sea initiate okay hot pizza irrigate coming right out line up parties mmhmm it doesn’t have a lot of colour it’s a bit beigeish see if I got even know[ Music] okay so let’s take a sniff oh it smells like pizza flavor yeah you know like pizza flavored things dink it I think it it the pizza stink is so strong that you expect it to savour strong but it’s very weak I you know what if you imbibed this whole thing you could fool yourself into thinking you had eaten pizza like 3 hour ago that could be a diet it is capable of leave I know you won’t see any more pizza no no I had it three hours ago I judge I intend it was just hot pizza water let’s take a look at this Pete oh my goodness oh look at it there’s not bloated spray in now take that layer and let’s dump it because a lot of the sea drenched up by that I want to burn myself there’s too much spray to drop certainly what let me just let me simply might do that oh look at that it’s pizza soup oh that’s not gonna be bad right all right well but it is gonna be it smacks like somebody with a really bad fever accepted the pizza and then they start hot they watch they made a highfive they made a high as their delirium this is much better than the beef broth from earlier so if you’re choosing between the two to spoil your coffee maker use the pizza round for cereal it’s the innards of every good bowl God and I think we’ve got a good hypothesi okay we’re gonna situated cinnamon toast crunch in a coffee filter and then straightup milk you know it this has got to be to be a good theme but this isn’t good I’m going to physically hurt this coffee maker fired up man I can scarcely wait alright let’s taste it man you check it alright I’ll pour it since it’s on sideways now[ Music] now there’s not a good deal of brownness no there’s not if any at all really but I choose to believe it has the essence of cinnamon toast crunch in it it’s more for later look all right made a little bit of a mess there do you kit oh the smell it’s milder than I thought it would be but not like I’d want to run it through again with fresh cinnamon toast crush cuz that usefulnes my time wishes to double wishes to doubled run it you know like two or three times I think well you really you have been able do it all day and then at night you could have something real good so when you finish a container of cinnamon toast crunch and you’re leave behind that milk this is not what we’re experiencing we’re experiencing something that you could you could down multiple glass of this without compromising your stability look at that soup and into that bowl is that bowl is clean right that’s good this is where this is where the parties who were able to I have a spoonful I’m getting this for you oh yeah here’s what I think we’re on to a lot of people don’t like coffee but they’re missing out on the part coffee shop experience they get or if they lead they succession like hot chocolate I believed to be dedicate a whole neighborhood Starbuck to this running milk through coffee makers you didn’t taste with cereals because what’s the third word in Cinnamon Toast Crunch well it’s crunch don’t compile me look stupid well it was an easy one and tell me why that doesn’t have cinnamon toast yeah yeah I never imagined the crunch was so important until I had that that’s it this is not what it’s about this is often ma’am this is bringing everybody into the coffee shop I do recommend this is like a holiday treat gather your best friend around the Yuletide cheer yeah for people who aren’t into eggnog and parties are scared of eggnog oh but it ain’t over round five under no circumstances should orange liquor and toothpaste go together which is why we’re lay them together in a coffee maker cuz maybe that’ll make all the world a difference take one of these and let’s just squeeze if I gonna do the rolling no I’m just doing the the squeezing tinge now what I like to do is I like to save these meridians these special tops and then I buy the cheaper toothpaste now given this on it so it’s got a quicker open and shut are you compiling that up no serviceman no I’m actually that crazy liquor oh this was already on yeah I reputed I once turn it on when I prime it for yeah I’m so uneasy for this alright here we go okay we got a carafe full of what appears to be orange juice hot orange juice with a little Sun in it that’s right toothpaste okay somebody I think it may exactly make it taste a little tangy yeah it might just spritz it up a little bit dink it thank you watch yourself good-for-nothing gratuity red-hot on shoes oh give it take its direction didn’t you breathe it Oh a little a little refreshment yeah it’s not bad my first memorandum red-hot orange juice is good right second No why is that not a thing it is our shoes not a thing it’s now a thing serviceman seriously sizzling aren’t you merely straightup do that ii put toothpaste in it look what we discovered violating grinds all right here’s what you do now go into the comments and leave your idea for what you’d like to see us put through a coffee maker the next time we do that we’re gonna do that we’re gonna do water filter we’re gonna do some other stuff all that stuff in the meantime thanks for liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is I predicted the link I’m Nick oh and I’m Jen and we’re from Sydney Australia and we’re about to do our own coffee taste test right now but for the meantime it’s time to twisting the wheel of mythicality good luck that’s the fictitious heart clink the top link to watch us try the strongest coffee in the world and read mail with Jim dan to the mall to find out where the related gallon is gonna land it’s a sketchbook it’s a diary it’s ass diary get yours now a imaginary dot storage

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