GINA Smart Coffee Brewer Review


hi there today we’re going to review this it is the gina smart coffee brewer by a company announced goat fib now this has been very heavily requested even though it was a product that came out a little while ago i believe were talking to parties that it’s because it’s sounding up in a lot of people’s instagram feeds that they’re announce very heavily at the moment and a lot of people want to know is it worth it so let’s catch out[ Music] the identify says smart-alecky chocolate brewer which suggests that it’s going to need to is attached to an app and that is indeed the case and the space i’m going to split this review up is into two separate segments certainly there’ll be a kind of a equipment review and then a application revaluation now they do actually realize two versions of this a smart version like this one and a not so smart account and what stimulates it a smart copy is that this part of the brewery here right at the base is a bluetooth connected magnitude they do do a version that does not have it that’s a little bit cheaper now this thing is pretty expensive it is 245 what do you get for all of your coin well they predict you uh three different chocolate brewers this is designed to be a pour over an immersion brewer as well as a cold trickle brewer all of this is brought together by the smart scale unite to an app and the app certainly drives your experience of using this make in the box you get a few things apparently you get your filter here which has a builtin valve at the bottom of the filter which will turn it from being an immersion brewer to a sort of percolation brewer a carafe very nice little glass carafe and then the basi and the basi uh is all one patch that has the scale unit in and then the stand that holds the cone and the valve it does come with a lid that goes on top of this thing i suppose for submerging liquors where people are worried about heat loss or cold trickle brews where you’re worried about things like dirt or other nonsense get into your brewing irrigate if you’re leaving it open for a very long time i will say it doesn’t fit very well it doesn’t feel very good so i haven’t really used it it does come out of the box with a couple of filter articles a little round one for the cold trickle brewing and then some standard v60 style ones and then lastly your little freezing dribble pour now this is kind of interesting this you would fill with coffee on top of the metal filter and then you would place a filter newspaper on top to help with water dispersion so that single plunge is spread evenly across all the grinds that sits inside your carafe and it’s underneath you threw cold water in here and open the valve just so it would drip trickle drip out i have never enjoyed that kind of coffee write i find very long brew terms tend to emphasize oxidation which is my primary irritation with them if i’m gonna brew with cold water i wanted to go brew to happen much much faster so i’m not well placed to give you a indeed fair review of this particular setup but if you do like these kind of drip brewers we will talk about it towards the end i’ll be mostly reviewing this from a pour over immersion perspective now what i will do is brew some coffee and begin to talk about the application suffer now this is a an expensive smart proportion if you look at the price difference between the sort of regular brewer and the smart-alecky brewer it’s an expensive part of equipment it’s shocking to me genuinely surprising to me that it has no display you cannot use this without using your telephone now i did a quite long sort of ranty video about smart proportions in the past you can click on it up here and have a watch if you want to see me become fairly frustrated by decisions made around smart flakes and not having a display for me is really a big nono it’s incredibly frustrating and it throws up two or three really big hurdles for me around working this brewer but it’s time to brew chocolate and what i’ll do is i’ll actually use the builtin scale here which you can do with the app to weighed against my chocolate to get going so let’s fire up the app now if you want to use this just as a scale fairly frustratingly it’s not on the breast page where you pick your beverage method it’s actually within a menu into implements into scale for me that’s a few too many sounds to get to where i need to go as a flake tear down it’s not super beneficial for count out because you’ve got this fixed frame above you so it’s it’s a touch touchy you are doing some weird stuff is it because i’m touching oh interesting i hadn’t distinguished that this is worth noting if you accidentally thumped the top of the scale with your bag it will change the value it’ll pull up on the onu cell so if you require an accurate reading it’s it’s not the easiest thing in the world okay let’s work with so we’re 20.7 grams because i’m not i’m not going to use any more right now i’ll grind that i’ll get a filter paper in here i’m not going to use their papers i’m going to use a dyed article and then we’ll get ready to brew and foot you through that part of the process so the app offers a few preferences on how you’re going to beverage pour over immersion and cold dripping as well as a kind of brew bar alternative now i’m going to go back and use the pour over method but i’m not inevitably going to do what they want me to do with it explain so let’s add our chocolate it now knows we’ve added 20.4 grams we’ve lost 0.3 grams along the way somewhere and what’s a little exasperating for me is it calculates for you your desired water but it works in sterilized rates and it doesn’t remember the ratio that you used the last time around i generally brew is 1 to 16 rather than 1 to 15 and even though i’ve only ever abused 1 to 16 every time i open and pour over it’s 1 to 15. It’s kind of preset that’s a little bit annoying for me now now at the top you’ve got your total load in versus your target force the majority of members of the screen real estate is set to time which is kind of interesting where i think that’s a kind of a decision i would have flipped in a funny sort of way i’d kept the timer fairly limited and truly focused on how much liquid you’re adding because i think ratio is crucial for consistent execution of a recipe now i can drag up my bud epoch i’m going to take it to 45 seconds which i generally like now some people have said with my v60 technique which is up here if you want to watch it that they struggle to really get the bloom sort of perfectly sodden and that the spray can drain through a little bit quickly i think often they need to ground a little bit finer but in this case it’s no concern i can close the valve no liquid can escape and so i can make sure that my bloom is properly stimulated twirled mingled and ready to go so let’s brew and we get our nice three to one countdown i will move a little of water in now it doesn’t give you guidance for how much bud sea to put in i’m going to put in say 47 grams and then i can give it a little swirl and everyone’s nice and mingled and nice and joyful and nothing’s really going on now and in fact i’m gonna make this drench like a little immersion brew for a little while and and formerly my blush hour is up then i’m gonna open the valve and pour and begin to brew as a ordinary v60. Despite the fact that we’ve got a lot of information on the screen it doesn’t really give you any guidance on how quickly to pour if wishes to do various ports there’s no real option for that character there or if you want to do various kinds of one long pour i guess you’re just shooting your total target weight as an coming it’s different to many other smart scale manufacturers now it does change to finishing your liquor at the top but again it doesn’t really foster you into real accuracy in that part of the process if you just wanted to picking this up and do a little swirl a bad thing but just know that it is really pretty hot to the touch in an ideal world i might have a rubberized strap around it but that presumes everyone beverages coffee just like me and they don’t nor certainly should they and again perhaps it might be worth closing the valve if you’re going to do a growth but overall probably a spoon provoke one guidance than the other is your best bet here to is striving for that delightful flat even bed at the end of your liquor we’ll let this drain out we’re proposing for a kind of four minute brew go under this particular setup that you are eligible to clearly customize it in the app before you start brewing okay so i’m going to punched done and what it wants you to do now is lift the carafe up so it can calculate theoretically how much liquid is in here interesting to me is the fact that it always always gets this figuring wrong looking at this right now there’s simply no way that it can be correct now often a gram of chocolate in a pour over will absorb or hold on to around two grams of irrigate so if i start with 20 grams of sand coffee i would predict losing at least 40 grams of my initial beverage liquid to the floors left in the bed this thing’s i’ve lost 9 grams of liquid it’s it’s saying that my brew beverage is going to be 316 grams if i get a weighing flake tada then it turns out i’ve actually got a much more expected 285 grams now i guess it knows or thinks it knows the heavines of the glass container and therefore knows the amount of sort of weight deducted from the scale and if it takes away the force of the glass vessel that it thinks it knows then it is desirable to give you an accurate sequel but it doesn’t as for bowls of coffee i’ve had from this they have been very good they’ve been as good as a v6d or in some cases slightly better because i do like a sort of mix and accord between steep and liberation and a straight kind of pour over so having a closed valve during the bloom has been my liking back to the app for a few seconds at the end of every beverage it gives you what it calls a brewprint now i haven’t saved most of these for reasonableness we’ll get into but but idea is a word used by akaya and others to represent your sort of time and cumulative weight it’s a frustrating utilize of that period here when that doesn’t really move much at all about how your brew happened it just tells you the kind of end result on this page it wants you to add indicates it wants you to take a photo of the liquor take a take a little photo i suspects and then i want you to put in attributes what’s confusing to me is that while i have this app open as soon as i finish brewing i haven’t booze my chocolate so this presumes i’m going to come back into the app after i finish savor the coffee to finish this process but it feels quirky to me to abandon the process before i’ve hit save or anything like that if i wanted to capture that initial data i believe countless people don’t lend ratings or that kind of stuff to it my large-scale resentment honestly is that by default saving your blueprint publicizes it within the kind of community social media kind of tab inside the app a default set to public i’m not really okay with i think it should be default set to private and you can choose to share it if you want to so for now i’m going to touch private and affected save and apart it goes and you can look at past brews and see if you like them or you didn’t like them or that kind of stuff it’s always annoying to me when people give heavily in the infrastructure required to brewers to share that kind of information if you look on someone like instagram which is a huge social network not that many beings share brew recipes there i mean some people do but truly not many so trying to cultivate a niche activity inside a niche app seems to me a strangeness and i that default public thing freaks me out now i did have a look yesterday 27 brews were shared i don’t know whether most people would rather not smacked publish and choose to save privately or they are only don’t bother saving i or not that numerous beings are using it it’s a kind of curious showcase phase to the app i can’t learn from other people’s liquors and i don’t think beings indeed want to share the coffee they brewed especially right after they brewed it and and so we don’t need another network to do that with all the privacy concerns or other trash that you might have about sharing your life with corporations i should say i’m not saying goat fib are doing anything nefarious with your data i just think we we don’t think fairly about how much of the data that really belongs to us that we just give away or share with others and so while it shapes really nice coffee i i find the fact that you are forced into an app that isn’t particularly intuitive frustrating i find the fact that you can’t drink this thing without your phone being open stymie now i said they do do a version that is cheaper that has no smart scale in the cornerstone and honestly i would recommend that version over this one if you’re looking for this kind of a pack irrespective of which copy you buy though it is a big brewer this is tall and that means it’s going to be out on your counter the entire hour and that planneds it’s going to be probably out away from let’s say cabinets above your countertop so that it’s easier to use that restraints its home in the kitchen i think honestly my favorite part of this brewer is this piece now the combination of a neat pour over pour and a really well drew valve i think is a very good thing there are cheaper explanations you could use a smart dripper like that if you wanted to you’ve got something like the harrier swap which is much cheaper again but i don’t think anyone has executed this combination quite as nicely as this i really like the feel the examine the accomplishments of this valve i used to don’t really enjoy it being attached to this large frame attached to what is essentially a hundred dollar proportion that have not yet been display i think it can shape great coffee i think there’s the various aspects of this that i think are really well designed and really well engineered i believe people will buy these use them a little bit but that constant kind of forcing into an app will mean that many people will simply become baffled with that part of the process and stop using it it’s got a lot of potential there’s a lot to been fucking loving it but it is very expensive and you could argue yes you get three localities in one it’s like getting a v60 a inventive dripper and a nice coldnes dripper all in one and if you bought those separately would you deplete 145 maybe maybe not a nice cold drip brewer can expenditure quite a lot of coin it can cost this much but there are cheaper alternatives out there things like the pug puck for example if wishes to do that kind of cold dripping brewing i still feel like there are real possibilities and potential in unite engineering with coffee brewing but i still feel like the execution in many cases really isn’t there parties aren’t focusing on the user experience quite enough so it’s expensive it looks great it’s really well saw it can compile luscious chocolate you have to think about what works for you and what your needs are and where you might be disheartened and looking to fix a problem in your coffee brewing and this would have to be quite a specific answer but it may well be your answer now this brewer this goes to one of my patreon patrons and i’m grateful to my patreon backers for giving me a plan every month to go and buy these things like a ordinary party and critique them but i don’t want to keep them i get to give them away at the end so one of those backers will be going this thing i’d love to hear your thoughts now did you back this in the kickstarter did you get one early i think you paid perhaps 175 dollars which is cheaper for this not 245 but but do you feel like it was money well devoted do you use it every single day i would really love to hear your thoughts down in specific comments below but for now that’s my judges i want to hear your thoughts thank you so much for watching i hope you have a great day i should say if you want one of these funny coffee person cups we have very limited quantities left now there’s a tie-in down in the description there are two pigments accessible there’s also tshirts as well they’re pretty limited i really love drinking a cup of chocolate out of a bowl of chocolate sucking a beaker of coffee but that’s just me

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