Inside Portland’s double decker bus


British mode to saying goodbye encourages Merriment well you are well aware brides and bridegrooms here in Portland are saving it British when it comes to an superb travel to or from the ceremony and receipt on the big-hearted daytime you may have seen the big-hearted crimson bus known as PDX doubled decker it’s been wheel through the range for eight years now for the past three Kevin and Minda Coombs have owned it and well they say the business has taken them on a real ride[ Music] first of all we need to catch up with the motorist here Kevin Coombs what does it take Kevin to movement this through wall street of Portland attention to detail peculiarly vertically since the bus is almost 14 feet high and so we got to worry about trees low-pitched connects got to watch out people try and pass you on the other side because I don’t think you’re on they think you’re on the left when you’re on the right just know that knowing that you’re different in a lot of ways and attaches great importance so that you don’t ten-strike anything or anybody I bet you get a lot of action driving around now beings will make pictures while we’re driving on the road where we’ll stop when we see adolescents on the side of the road we try to smack our Olga hippo go right now we’re talking about an genuine English boss how do you know its authenticity we know its faithfulnes by the license plate on the figurehead by the VIN number on the plate on the inside interesting Kevin races this business with his wife mend it so we wanted to invite her up to the transcend deck of the bus to get an idea Amanda a who tariffs this we have a large amount of corporate clients we’ll run it for teambuilding undertakings client gratitude I’m top farmer events a great deal of real estate fellowships a great deal of individual people rent it for birthday parties bridals weddings yes a lot of nuptials we adoration this bus for bridals because we can actually are caught up the bridal gathering and they’ll come upstairs and then we will depart their localities where they get garmented look at the groomsmen in another location they’ll be on the bottom floor and then we can take them to their photo place for the first looking and they literally are on the same vehicle that have not seen one another yet you are well aware as we’re rolling along here I have to ask you about some of the passengers that have been on this bus I visualize I listen a tale about Elvis boarded the bus he did we had a lady rent the best for her husband’s retirement party and he was aware of the party but as a surprise to him lo and behold on the side of the road was Elvis hitchhiking and we picked him up and he proceeded to entertain all the guests perfect surprise I hear a few cases trees up top yes it is very tall and we do have to look out for the trees in the city of Portland it’s a bit bouncy when you’ve got like 20 parties up here it settles down so it’s not as bouncy but it is it’s bouncy but parties don’t mind now that I know this is here its iconic it is it emphatically is yeah yeah it’s Portland it’s a very wellloved icon of Portland that is for sure everybody enjoys it tough to miss when it’s rolling through the street of Portland as for what it penalties Minda says average is about 220 for an hour depending on whether you book it during peak terms you have to learn more just check out doubledecker PDX calm now

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