Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal In A Coffee Maker?


it looks like it’s covered in warts it’s like is it burning this is gonna be weird I’m Alexis and I’m the elderly food consultant here at delectable today my coworkers challenged me to make a threecourse meal expend exclusively one gizmo do I get to choose what appliance oh you can leave it I don’t imbibe chocolate and I belief I’ve draw chocolate three times in my life I I don’t I like don’t really know how this works any good chef should be able to cook with with anything so I’m up for the challenge can I do some experiment okay so apparently cooking with a coffee maker is a thing so this part is gonna act as like we can boil stuff in now and then you can use the griddle griddle but I could use this to try to get some complexion this is gonna be weird I’m gonna start with the truffles first since I need to chill for a while so I’m gonna chopper the chocolate pretty finely so that route when I contribute the hot heavy cream it’s gonna mix certainly easily oh I should be heating my heavy cream right now we fit okay so it’s seven ounces of chocolate so I need three and a half ounces of heavy cream it seems like very little I guess we are only heat it up and see how hot it gets[ Music] it kind of smells like it’s burning fine the cream doesn’t need to be scalding red-hot and you miss it like more than warm to the touch if you persist your finger in it you’d be like huh how long does it take to attain chocolate in the morning like ten minutes more will it make ha it might be ready I hope this is hot fairly if you are in a hotel area and certainly missed chocolate truffles you could totally do this I don’t know why what but who am I to judge I’m going to shivering this and wash this out so I’m gonna get the water going for my prawn I fear that it’s gonna take a while alright alright alright do I time pour it in now like pour it in the big-hearted segment oh that’s why you lent the liquid firstly before turning it on this is a real learning experience now this is a great idea I’m going to start prepping everything for assignment ok the rackets that it’s reaching right now this is like my childhood I this feels very familiar I feel like this is doing what it’s supposed to it feels sizzling so I reckon I can actually go ahead and included the prawn so we just want to make sure that the prawn is cooked through and it’s actually turning pink you can see it turning pink this is amazing coffee prepare my confidence tier right now I imply I don’t want to get egotistical but I feel somewhat idealistic they’re actually like perfectly good I actually have to toast the coconut on the griddle before I move on you are well aware I feel good about stewing things poaching things but I don’t know if the griddle is going to work so you can internet said if I threw tinfoil on it it’ll act as like a a wash this feels I feel skeptical so I guess I’ll is letting that get a little toasty if it does you are well aware I is ready to do something that I would actually make it home I definitely sounds like I would serve this at a dinner party or only make it for myself that’s another reason I feel so excited about this is I’m actually Kame food I feel heartfelt about Oh oh my god it’s actually making it’s working it’s working ogle some what you can see some of the dark-brown bits the coconut got a little brown and you perceive some of the toasted spice I’m just gonna make sure this is good I don’t know if I’m allowed to say like give myself a pat on the back but this is really good[ Music] next I’m going to poach the salmon so I’m just gonna heat it up like I did before and it needs to be enough oil to submerge the salmon and I’m just gonna trim the salmon down so that it’ll actually fit in the cuff but I’m gonna infuse the oil with some peppercorns lemon rinds dill and that all heat up together and infuse so I had this idea to conclude these asparagus ribbons and I was first to be considered blanching them but I recall actually I could steam them in the steamer basket because the asparagus is so thin steam in it is gonna work better than blanching at remain carolled I’m getting the lubricant to about 180 before I poach I’m gonna compute the salmon in this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done so I’m gonna keep an eye on this but it could be done anywhere from like 7 to 15 instants so while the salmon is poaching I’m just gonna rolling the ganache into chunks and let them chill again before I go them into the cocoa powder I’m gonna go wash up okay oh this looks really gross the solid is clearly leaving the salmon but it looks like oh my god it looks like it’s covered in warts there’s like little chunks oh okay oh okay but seek a beautiful that is look at that rob I’m gonna do a few cases more instants and then wipe off the fatty no one will ever know hmm well the salmon finishes poaching I’m gonna go the truffles in the chocolate gunpowder I haven’t tried these hitherto but it’s chocolate what can’t go too wrong the salmon I don’t know I’m gonna go chill T’s again and then my salmon should be ready oh the dill lives like a ocean person oh we’re good excellent I’m gonna stew off this first mmm let me exactly flake this okay I intend it looks beautiful it was great new salt but it’s really nice you can do olive oil poached salmon in a coffee maker who knew this needs a thorough bathe after what just happened on to part two so for this I’m gonna like stew some beans in chicken stock and time really to try to add some more flavor I’m just arrange nuts in a chocolate flowerpot feels wrong we’re gonna salt the spice and tell that do its thing if I kept these spare keys in the top and then add some more chicken stock by the time the chicken inventory goes through it might be done I don’t I don’t know oh my god it’s like all right it’s already it’s done that was so fast oh it still has some composition to it it’s not hokey this is perfect I don’t want to speak too soon but it’s going this is going amazingly well chicken furnish is a little surprised the new world the nuts aren’t really at a evaporate but they’re starting to kind of split it’s pretty good ah you know the coconut got toasted have really nice color so hopefully these Tomatoes can black in and kind of get some they can get some complexion on them I don’t think that’s totally is going to happen but hopefully they can get some char oh okay there’s some music oh there’s a little of a little bit of darken this is gonna be really rustic my confidence is decreasing I wish the nuts were cooks more so like posted as if it was over real hot but there’s nothing else to use this is as good as it’s gonna get this snack could have been done hours ago this is not efficient in any way I’m almost done so I’m gonna Tek some friends see if they want to come up and try and see if they know that this was all done with a coffee maker we do a good deal of crazy substance at appetizing so I feel like they’re gonna have some inclination that something’s up but I don’t think they would suspect a coffee maker of course Wine and Dine you did this to me I did it was a real struggle but I have prepared a threecourse meal nonetheless of course one is a shrimp salad I left you with a coffee maker[ Music] I think it’s actually really nice it’s like ceviche yeah it’s like ceviche Jase you like the cook of the shrimp yeah we’re going onto route to we’ve got some white-hot beans with olive oil poached salmon steamed asparagus ribbons and blistered tomatoes okay when you left me this morning what did you think was gonna happen pour hot water but this is like a healthy nutritious snack I thought you’d give good fund for one more thing and then for dessert and how very impressive thank you I was challenged today to make all these three directions and with a quirk oh I made all three courses applying merely a coffee makers stop I could have eaten that meal in a restaurant whoa whoa coffee maker is better for impending coffees clearly no sure this crew coffee maker cleancut the makeup Queen going into today I was apprehensive this is crazy this makes so long but if I was ever in a tinge if there’s the apocalypse I can oblige dinner in a coffee maker I’ll be fine[ Music] you

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