Are you recording me while I’m trying to doserious business? Yes! okay chaps so right now we just checked in. We came cozy. We came our pjs on. It’s cold outside but tomorrow we have a wholebunch of exploring and see realise, and we gotta go to the Monday Night Raw so I wantto check that out. And uh, just see what else Portland has tooffer us.It’s a immediate little trip, but I hope to seea lot of trash around here. So, right now, we are going to bed, and I’llsee you in the morning. Are you disguising from me?( laughter) Got some pretty good films. We are on our room to breakfast. And it’s 4 am Whoo! YAAAS! PEACE! it’s FREEZING cold. My mitts are going numb and turning red, andI’m here with F3ND1MUS. F3ND1MUS PRIME! We are going to POWELL’s City of Books, whichis supposed to be the biggest book store in the world.This would be all of Ale’s section. That is soooo cool! it’s really cold! but we got some souveniersfrom Powells Books. oh my gosh! nothing but bus. Good-for-nothing but buses. Bus as far as the eyes can see. This is how we do a tourJust like a expedition bus … And on the right you’ll hear the Oregon Centerof Arts. Oregon Symphony youth musicians WOW! That’s the main one. If you push this it’ll start This looks very complicated. To depict you that it has an effect. That this is , is extremely significant. This machine is the first bowflex( im accepting) pull on the force with the fasten talk about working out be amiable with it.Don’t drop it so hard nice read Peace Michael is in the shower right now, we are about to head on downstairs, check out. We are staying at The Nines Luxury Hotel herein Portland. We have to return the rental. We have to go to the airport. We have to make sure that we figure out whatthe agreement is with that fracture( in windshield) and hopefully it’s not more alligatored rightnow. Maybe deal with a little bit of traffic anduh should be going, understand the felines ..

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