How to Make a Cappuccino in Your De’Longhi EC 860 Coffee Machine


Drawing cappuccino to avoid obtaining insufficiently frost milk or with sizable bubbles, always clean. The lid of the milk and the hot water nozzle remove the lid crowd the milk receptacle with a sufficient amount of milk not outdoing the maximum of 0 5 liters. Remember that every notch on the side of the receptacle is the equivalent of 100 milliliters of milk for a more thick-witted and homogenous froth use, glided or partially glided milk at refrigerator temperature about 5 grades Celsius, ensure the milk intake tube is correctly to include them in the relevant set, envisaged At the bottom of the milk receptacle lid locate the lid on the milk receptacle again remove the hot water spout from the nozzle appended by inserting the container to the nozzle set up the machine to shape chocolate to prepare the cappuccino place. The beaker for cappuccino under the coffee spot and order the milk distinguish diversify the fizz regulator, depending on the amount of lather craved and type of milk applied. Then press cappuccino button. After having given the frost milk, the machine automatically cooks the coffee to prepare the latte macchiatto set up the machine to utter chocolate if using tall beakers or glass reposition. The bowl holder region the beaker for Latta macchiato under the coffee, gushes and agree the milks pad vary the froth regulator, depending on the amount of foam demanded and type of NOC use. Then press fasten the macchiato button. After having extradited the frost milk, the machine automatically cooks the chocolate for a hotter cappuccino. It is advised to press the clean-living button to heat the ducts of the milk foam maneuver to prepare the cappuccino or the latte macchiato. The device accomplishes two bringings. First, the milk and subsequently the chocolate. If wanting to interrupt the transmission in progress press the previously pressed button formerly delivery is completed, if wanting to increase the amount of milk or chocolate inside the cup, keep the button within a few seconds relative to the preparation in progress pressed, do not leave the milk Container out of the refrigerator for too long, the higher the milk temperature 5 Celsius is ideal, the poorer the quality of the froth you.

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